Gerard Mendis Chocolatier
Gerard Mendis made his name at élite hotels in Sri Lanka, Europe and Asia, creating irresistibly rich chocolates and exquisitely beautiful cakes.

Sri Lanka's pioneering chocolatier became a celebrity by dazzling his customers with his creativity and showmanship. But don't let Gerard's fabulous confections deceive you. Behind his inventiveness, there's a classically trained chocolatier and pastry chef with a strong sense of tradition.

All of his skills are on display at his brand-new flagship store, Gerard Mendis Chocolatier at Horton Place in Colombo 7.

Select from our cornucopia of chocolates that are jewel-like in their presentation, with the most surprising and delicious fillings including chilli, blue curacao, lemongrass, cappuccino and armagnac. Let us assemble for you a special chocolate collection to give as a gift; our magnificent packaging with its elegant ribbons and stylish presentation will add the feel of luxury, indulgence and extravagance to a gift that is already sensational.

Try our croissants, petit pain au chocolat and breads; all scrupulously executed classics made fresh every day with the crunch, the flakiness and the 'mouth feel' that even the French have a hard time finding nowadays.

Choose one of Gerard's signature cakes that have made him famous. Top choices at our patisserie include his famous rose blanc, gooey chocolate and chocolate cheesecake. He is also renowned for his breath-taking wedding, birthday and theme cakes.