Master chocolatier. Award-winning patissier. Undisputed cake wizard. Nobody does it better than Gerard Mendis. He built his career on spectacular flavor, artistry and finesse. And now he is working his culinary magic at Gerard Mendis Chocolatier, his very own new concept in eating, fine-food shopping and celebration.

Gerard’s mastery has been recognized around the world and the list of awards and public accolades is long: the first Sri Lankan to win a gold medal in 1988 at the International Food Olympics in Germany; a founding member and President of Sri Lanka’s Chefs Guild; and most recently the leader of the Sri Lankan team that won 30 awards in the 2012 Food Olympics, including 15 coveted Gold awards in the competition.

With rich international experience from some of the world’s finest hotels like the Ritz Carlton, Regency and the Hilton, Gerard came back home in 1986 to head the Colombo Hilton’s Patisserie operations, where he worked for 25 years as its Executive Pâtissier Chef. Because of his talent and perseverance, he succeeded in breaking barriers in a world dominated by European culinary stars. He was the first Sri Lankan to serve on global task forces, opening 28 luxury hotels in Asia and the Middle East. He was also the first Sri Lankan to become a member of the elite Hilton International Team that over the years won awards at global food events; positioning the Hilton brand and especially the Colombo Hilton as a prestigious dining destination.

Gerard became a culinary celebrity at a very young age introducing hand-made chocolates in Sri Lanka. As a cake-master, he gained renown for his breath-taking wedding, birthday and theme cakes.

Gerard continues his life’s work. He is currently engaged in two new ventures. He is a partner in Bliss Luxury Chocolates, based in India. It operates a chocolate factory and high-end chocolate boutiques in Bangalore and other Indian cities.

The other venture close to Gerard’s heart is his brand-new flagship Chocolaterie, Pâtisserie and Boulangerie in Horton Place, Colombo 7.

Gerard is active in many humanitarian projects. He helped open a culinary school after the devastating 2005 tsunami. Many of its graduates are now working in the culinary field. Gerard is also Chairman of the Chefs’ Guild, actively committed to the organization’s charitable and philanthropic causes. Through his work at the Guild, he not only strives to ensure that Sri Lankan chefs are at the forefront of the global culinary arena and but also that through them, Sri Lanka is able to offer an amazing culinary experience.